How do we work?

  • First, we get to know you. We study the implementation level of the occupational risk prevention management system in your company.
  • Then, we look at the facilities and jobs in order to carry out an initial risk assessment which will tell us the corrective actions to implement.
  • We follow you throughout the entire process, advising and supporting you in the day-to-day management. For this, we make available professional experts and integrated solutions appropriate to your needs.

  • Technical Specialities

    Preventive action programme

    Occupational risk prevention plan

    Occupational risk assessment and corrective action planning

    Information and training for workers

    Emergency action measures

    Accident investigation

    Report on activities carried out

  • Occupational medicine

    Study of the occupational risk assessment

    Annual health monitoring action plan

    Implementation of medical protocols, adapted to the job

    Implementation of health screening

    Certificates of fitness

We assist you with everything that you need