Specific Accreditations and Agreements

Specific Accreditations and Agreements

Quirónprevención are accredited to provide specific training.


TELCO Training

The TELCO Training project is a process of the standardising of training requirements in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) in the Telecommunications Sector.

This training programme is applicable to all operational services provided in the TELCO sector by any contractor’s or sub-contractor’s worker carrying out these services.

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Standard UNE 58451

Forklift Truck Operators Training up to 10,000 kg (Categories I and II), in accordance with the requirements of the UNE 58451:2016 standard.

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Standard UNE 58923

Mobile Personnel Platform Training for Types 1B, 3A and 3B in accordance with the requirements of the UNE 58923:2020 standard.

plataforma elevadoraplataforma elevadora

GWO Training

GWO certification is mandatory for all subcontractors and their employees in the wind energy sector.

This certification is the guarantee of optimal service provision in the wind industry, and without it the services contracted with the main manufacturers and owners in the wind sector cannot be accessed.

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Agreement training: construction sector

We are accredited by the FLC to teach all the specific content established in the VI General Collective Agreement for the Construction Sector within STATE territorial areas.

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Agreement training : metal sector

We are accredited by the FMF (Metal Training Foundation) to teach all the specific training content for the Metal Sector established in the III State Collective Agreement of the industry, technology and metal sector services within STATE territorial areas.

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Agreement training: Wood and Furniture - Glass and Signage sectors

We are approved by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción throughout the national territory, to provide training for occupational risk prevention included in the Agreement of the Regulation of the Professional Construction Card for the Wood and Furniture Sectors and the Glass and Signage Sectors.

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