Practical training

Practical training

For certain jobs, it is particularly important to recreate the situations and risks which course participants are or may be exposed to, so the training is based on this individual experience.

Featured Courses: Working at Heights, in Confined Spaces, Fire Extinction, Electrical Hazards, LOTO, Exposure to Silica and Asbestos, Working Equipment, Forklift Trucks, Platform Lifts, Bridge Cranes, Tractors...

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formación práctica imagenformación práctica imagen

Mobile training units

We’ll come to you! The Mobile Training Unit is a simulator developed for training and practical activities in the main particular hazard areas.

  • Work at height
  • Confined spaces
  • Electrical risk work
  • Fire extinction

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Our own or subsidised training centres

Located throughout the country, we have the facilities and equipment needed for practical training.


Immersive virtual reality

A new way of training enhances learning using virtual reality.

  • Individual experience: Be the champion of your training through interactive and assessable individual experiences that increase motivation.
  • Real-time interaction: learn by experiencing real sensations that stay with you, therefore enriching the training process.
  • No risks, fewer resources: allows you to perform all kinds of practical exercises, without leaving the classroom and with no risks.
  • Freedom and choice of movement: play with computer-simulated virtual scenarios and feel like you are there and moving in real time.

Can be applied to offices, ergonomics, emergencies, evacuation plans, risks and preventive measures in offices.

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