We provide different types of training for your company, from in-person to online or blended learning. Find the one that best suits your needs.

  • In-person training

    Gives direct interaction between the trainer and the participants to encourage experience-based learning and active participation during different sessions.

    We can provide in-person training:

    • At our centres.
    • At your company.
    • Using a Virtual Classroom: this is a learning environment where the trainer and student interact concurrently and in real time through a synchronised telematic communication system in the classroom. The training is delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Online training

    Through our Campus, students can train from anywhere and manage their time.

    Companies can purchase ‘Gestor Colectivos’, which gives them a dedicated space in the Campus to plan, schedule and monitor their employee training in a simple and streamlined manner.

    Access to the Quirónprevención CampusThis link opens in a popup window

  • Blended learning

    This is a combination of in-person and online sessions.

    It is a more flexible form of training in terms of timetables than in-person, and always includes the support of the trainer.