We started our activity in Mexico in 2016. The opening of an office in the capital of the country gave us coverage of the entire territory.

The new Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, approved in 2014, added to the more than forty specific application development standards for all Mexican companies, form the current regulatory framework for occupational risk prevention that must be implemented by all companies.

The safety standards of the country's principal companies in sectors such as construction, renewable energies, mining, industry, etc. require the availability of a wide range of solutions capable of responding to both the most basic requirements and to the most specialised.

Our main activities are focused on:

  • Occupational Risk Prevention Management SystemImplementation and monitoring in all its phases
  • Assessment and planningof the preventive activity in high-risk tasks, work procedures
  • Specific actionsHygiene monitoring and ergonomic, machinery and psychosocial risk assessments
  • Civil Protection Plansspecific for each company and site
  • Specialised trainingemergencies, work at height, confined spaces, etc.
  • Provision of personnelboth technical and healthcare on the customer's premises
  • Health and Safety On-siteCoordination and supervision activities
  • Occupational MedicineMedical examinations appropriate to each job

Contact details

Torre Reforma Latino
Paseo de la Reforma 296 Piso 40
Colonia Juárez
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
Ciudad de México
C.P. 06600

Tel: 55 1209 1166
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