When companies operate in several countries, they face scenarios with different management methods and very specific needs. Our experts offer global management with local application.

Analysis of health and safety legislation of any country

  • We prepare detailed reports on the country's legislation which comprehensively cover the company's obligations.
  • We advise on the applicable regulatory framework according to the activity that the company is to carry out.

Preventive activity management of the company in its international branches

  • Single contact to facilitate the management of all the work centres.
  • We manage a network of international partners for the compliance of legal obligations in each country.
  • Homogenisation of health and safety criteria and standards of all the countries.

Occupational health advice and programmes for local and relocated personnel

  • Advice on specific health aspects.
  • International vaccination management programmes.
  • Coordination of the company's medical activity and application of protocols in all the international branches.

Management system ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001

  • Initial diagnostics, implementation, training and internal auditing.
  • Guidance and support in the maintenance of the management system.
  • Work team of specialist consultants.

Making available of health and safety professionals in other countries

  • In-house, on-site and temporary facility personnel.
  • Relocated or local professionals depending on the requirements of the local regulations or internal standards of the organisation.