Quirónprevención has reached an agreement with the National Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) to advance knowledge on cardiovascular health. Thanks to this agreement, the CNIC will be able to improve the study on the prevention of cardiovascular and associated disease risks, with the contribution from Quirónprevención of a database, that is fully anonymous and with no traceability, of more than 5 million medical examinations.

This project, from the scientific point of view, analyses the cardiovascular risk of the active Spanish population and takes into account different variables including the nature of the workplace (the activity is different, for example, in office jobs from those where physical force is used), eating habits, alcohol and tobacco consumption, and the worker's physical exercise throughout the day.

In the words of Borja Ibáñez, cardiologist at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital and Director of Clinical research at the CNIC "the database that we will be able to study thanks to this agreement is unique. There is no other study that has been able to analyse an equal sample size in Spain, with data collected over such a long period, from 2015 to 2018, and with information that allows comparative analysis by type of activity, diet and even environmental-regional setting.

In a preliminary analysis, carried out after the signing of the agreement, heart attack risk variations of up to 6 times higher have been detected according to habits and geographical area. This amount of information, which falls under the big data analysis category, allows comparisons to be made like this with different variables and to obtain information of incalculable value for understanding the condition of the active population of our country and to plan appropriate health promotion strategies.

Quirónprevención, an occupational risk prevention company in the Quirónsalud Group, is the leading international company in the Occupational Health & Safety sector. It has more than 5000 employees, 165,000 client companies and more than 4.5 million protected workers. It is present throughout the national territory through a network of 300 centres. Furthermore, it has its own subsidiaries in a further seven countries and carries out consultancy activities in more than 25. Its aim is to ensure safety in the workplaces of its client companies and the health of people that work in them.

For its part, the National Cardiovascular Research Centre, directed by Dr. Valentín Fuster, has a mission to promote cardiovascular research and its transfer to the patient. This activity has led to it being recognised as one of the "Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence". The centre is financed by means of a pioneering public-private collaboration between government, through the Carlos III Healthcare Institute, and the Fundación Pro CNIC, which is a group of 13 major Spanish companies.