Monitoring in the work environment combines wearable technology and beacon technology (latest generation beacons), which allows you to see the status, position and tasks of the worker in relation to the space that you want to be controlled for danger, special conditions or tasks to monitor.

We want to create safer work environments

  • Geolocation of workers and work equipment
  • Detection of falls from height
  • Monitoring of worker vital signs
  • Connection with CO2, smoke, etc. sensors
  • Receives orders and work authorisation
  • Review of safety protocols
  • Reception of messages and warnings
  • SOS button
  • Production comparisons
  • Review of safety protocol checklist

The technology enables us to progress and offer an immediate and accurate service

  • Productivity

    Correct flow of information from the origin of the file to its completion

  • Cost saving

    Remote support, allowing cost savings

  • Standardisation

    Facilitates the step-by-step following of the protocols and processes

  • Error reduction

    The tools are an aid to carrying out tasks correctly

  • Occupational safety

    It aids the work of the operators in "hands-free" mode