Forms of training

Forms of training

We provide different types of training for your company, from in-person to online or blended learning. Find the one that best suits your needs.


In-person training

Gives direct interaction between the trainer and the participants to encourage experience-based learning and active participation during different sessions.

We can provide in-person training:

  • At our centres.
  • At your company.
  • Using a Virtual Classroom: this is a learning environment where the trainer and student interact concurrently and in real time through a synchronised telematic communication system in the classroom. The training is delivered through the Microsoft Teams platform.

Online training

Through our Campus, students can train from anywhere and manage their time.

Companies can purchase ‘Gestor Colectivos’, which gives them a dedicated space in the Campus to plan, schedule and monitor their employee training in a simple and streamlined manner.

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Blended learning

This is a combination of in-person and online sessions.

It is a more flexible form of training in terms of timetables than in-person, and always includes the support of the trainer.


Learning in the Metaverse

We have dedicated training headquarters in the metaverse, the world beyond our universe that offers endless possibilities for the health and safety sector. Learning in the metaverse allows anyone to connect remotely from anywhere, as long as they have a virtual reality headset. Unlike other training methods, it allows teachers to interact with learners, and it provides a way for workers to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, thanks to the immersive nature of virtual reality. In virtual reality, it is possible to experience situations "in person" without being exposed to the risks of those situations in real life.