Quirónprevención has implemented management systems with a global and integrated vision:

  • Quality
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environment
  • Information Security

Our commitment to society, our customers and workers is demonstrated through these management systems that focus on processes and customer satisfaction, and have common principles:


  • The health and safety of workers of our customer companies.

  • Our management processes and systems, based on innovation.

  • Environmental conditions through the adoption of sustainable practices.

  • Obligations arising from applicable regulations.

  • To know, comply with and respect current legislation, regulations and provisions on the environment and applicable to our organisation.

The senior management make the necessary resources available to comply with our principles through a positive and productive work environment, where the workers are motivated and fully involved in the achievement of the organisation's objectives.

Moreover, we seek the well-being of all the company's workers in the work environment, by contributing positively to their personal life and their socio-labour environment.

A greater degree of understanding, responsibility and awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment is equally promoted among all employees, customers, suppliers and society in general.

The company establishes internal and external communication channels with transparency criteria, and maintains a relationship of cooperation with the authorities and an open dialogue with interested parties and the public in general.