About us

About us

We are leading Occupational Risk Prevention company and our aim is to guarantee safety in your company and to take care of your employees health

Our Values

Our values are the pillars that support our way of acting, working and doing things. They say something about who we are today and who we will be in the future. They reflect our understanding of occupational health and safety and our relationship with companies and people. They make us different and unique. They are our identity:

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People first

A company will only be healthy if its workers are.

Therefore, the care of the health and safety of the people who make up the company is our fundamental purpose.


At Quirónprevención, we combine knowledge and expertise to achieve a common goal.

We are more than 5000 individuals, each one different and unique, and we are aware that it is this plurality that makes us special.

Together we are better!


We care for the health of companies, workers and, therefore, the environment around them.

Only by understanding their needs we can achieve this.

Being near our customers, listening to them and accompanying them on the path towards an excellent working environment are essential to doing our job well.


We like what we do and we try to let this be seen in every step we take.

It is the passion for our profession that makes us strive every day to offer the best care to our customer companies and their workers.


We offer top-quality solutions and services with professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in the sector.

Our highest value as a company is the talent on which we rely, which enables us to provide our customer companies with the best consultancy services.


Curiosity and creativity are impregnated in our DNA.

As leaders in the occupational health and occupational risk prevention sector, we understand that we must explore new paths and improve the existing ones.

We work every day to have the most innovative solutions and the most pioneering procedures on the market.


Only through daily commitment to what we do and to our environment we can continue to move forwards.

In addition to developing our business model, we must go further and strive to leave a legacy to society.

The Quirónprevención's legacy is the construction of a healthy business fabric which contributes to achieving a healthier, more efficient and productive society.

We are part of the Quirónsalud Group

We are part of the Quirónsalud Group

We strive for excellence

We are convinced that the care of people starts with prevention, at Quirónprevención we gear our efforts towards fulfilling our mission to care for companies and the people that work in them. To consolidate our mission and develop our project, we rely on the best professionals in the sector, who are highly qualified and involved with the business project. Our aim is to provide the service with the best professional, human and technological quality, the essential purpose of our company.