Even though the COVID-19 vaccination program is progressing well, we are still exposed to the virus. Therefore, it is just as important to get a flu vaccination this year as it was last year.

COVID-19 and the flu will live side by side again. Both illnesses have similar symptoms, especially at first. This can cause some confusion, as noted by the Ministry for Health in its document FLU VACCINATION RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE 2020-2021 seasonThis link opens in a popup window, "the synergy that has been observed between the flu and SARS-CoV-2 can double the risk of death in the event of a double infection".

Therefore, we must continue to expand vaccination cover against the flu, prescribing it to groups which were not considered at risk prior to COVID-19.


Tips to avoid infection:

  • Ventilating the house

    and workspace helps to eliminate germs in the room. Don’t go too far, because air currents can make it worse.

  • Do not share things

    like glasses, cutlery, or towels. Sharing objects with other people can make it more likely for the flu to spread or prolong the disease.

  • Diet rich in vitamins C and A.

    This can alleviate symptoms as it helps the immune system work correctly.

  • Cover your mouth

    when you sneeze or cough. The flu generally spreads through other people who already have the virus. If people cough or sneeze or talk too close, infection spreads more easily.

  • Wear a mask

    Remember to wear a mask, especially if you might come into contact with infected people or contaminated surfaces.

  • Hand hygiene

    Best practice is to wash your hands 5 to 10 times a day.