Health and safety unit with national coverage

Through our specialised services, we have built up over 25 year´s experience, consolidating our presence and our leading position as prevention experts in the construction sector. We work with our clients through the entire process according to their needs. Our aim is to continue innovating and improving to provide an excellent level of service.

We have earned our client´s trust thanks to our commitment in each project, providing solutions to their problems. Our management and technical team maintains a direct and honest approach, guaranteeing success all round.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients, focusing on prevention and safety on site.

  • CoordinationHealth and safety coordination on construction sites
  • Preparing Plans and StudiesPreparing Health and Safety Plans and Studies
  • CBACoordination of Business Activities (CBA)
  • Document ManagementSupplier Document Management
  • Implementation of PlansImplementation of Emergency and Self-Protection Plans
  • Technical Assistance

    Technical Health and Safety Assistance

  • Preventive Resource

    Preventive Resource through our Medycsa entity

  • Access Control

    Control of access to construction sites

  • Safety Management