We are committed to technology in order to achieve a more in-depth implementation and better results.

We have an app and platform that allows each worker to have all their medical information within reach. On downloading the medical examinations, the evolution of the most significant parameters can be seen, and improvements made with the activities and targets that the company proposes.

What Misalud offers you for your company and for your workers

  • Well-being levelKnow the historic evolution status of your well-being
  • AnalyticsMonitoring of analytical parameters
  • Medical examinationsArchive all the health reports
  • Campaigns and objectivesHealth campaigns and objectives for workers
  • Request appointmentMake your own medical examination appointment

Because it is the customer who has the leading role, we adapt Misalud to the company

  • Corporate branding
  • Customised health campaigns
  • Doctor-worker direct communication
  • Integration with own/laboratory systems
  • Tailored developments