Actions aimed at individual workers as well as the workforce as a whole, intended to identify health-related issues and assess which preventive steps should be taken.

Medical Check-up

1. Identifying which protocols to apply.

2. Medical appointment through the Client Area, our website, or through our call centre.

3. Health examination at our centre network or in-company.

4. Results delivered through our ‘misalud’ app.

5. Delivery of report with the main conclusions.



Occupational Health and First Aid Training

Our occupational medicine department can provide first aid and risk prevention training to your workers to help them manage risks associated to their position and which may pose a threat to their health.

Vaccination Campaigns

We can provide vaccinations for workers against risks in specific work positions (tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, etc. vaccines), as well as vaccination campaigns aimed at protecting public health, such as the flu vaccine.This link opens in a popup window



Health Promotion Campaign

Personalised campaigns for your company based on issues identified in the epidemiological studies. Campaign to combat obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol, for example. We also offer the option of running campaigns against general population risks for some sectors of the population such as the campaign to prevent prostate cancer, colon cancer, or breast and gynecologic cancer.

Rail Medical Certificates

Rail sector companies require psychological-physical certification regulated by Order FOM/679/2015 of 9 April, which modified Order FOM/2872/2010, which require specific authorisation to be issued. At Quirónprevención we have the required authorisation in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Vigo, Zaragoza, and Miranda de Ebro.



VIP Medical Check-up

Quirónprevención provide exhaustive, complete and exclusive medical check-ups with fully personalised care adapted to the needs of our clients. More infoThis link opens in a popup window